PHP not cool?

...says who?

Silvertip Software is a small but stable web app development company in downtown Vancouver. We've been in business since 1996, developing hosted business applications for our customers.

We use PHP as our primary application development language. PHP gets a bad rap sometimes, but we don't believe it. We can do the same cool stuff as our Rails friends. (so there!)

Working Here


What lights your fire? For us, it's a commitment to make powerful, effective products for our customers. We get a thrill knowing that our software is helping people across North America.


There's a u in team, and it's not silent. We're a small company where everyone contributes to the overall product, and gets to make a difference.


We look to other tools, technologies, and communities to see what's going on, and how we can harness the good stuff in our neck of the woods.

We're on the look out for motivated individuals to join our team.

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Sorry, there are no current positions available.

Contact Info

Silvertip Software
316-1890 W 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J 1R6
604.568.9730 / 1.877.847.1440